Saturday, June 9, 2007


Started a new brew, recipe name Amerikoelsch.

I started with 6 gallons of our well water and started to boil

When the water came to boil (5:15 pm) I added the
3.3 lbs Cooper's Light malt extract
2.0 lbs Munton's Extra light DME (note I used extra light although the recipe calls for light, e la vita)
1.0 lbs Corn Sugar

5:19 boil back up
5:29 Add 0.8 oz Pearl hops, 7% AA
5:44 Add 0.5 oz Cascade hops, 6% AA
6:18 Add 1 tsp Irish Moss
6:26 0.5 oz Cascade hops, 6% AA
6:31 end boil
Immediately after the boil ended I added
2 tsp yeast energizer
2 tsp yeast nutrient

Ok, so my times were off, the Irish Moss should have gone in a bit later and the last bit of Cascade was late. I extended the biol by a few minutes to get five minutes of aroma hops. We'll see how it goes.

I have no immersion chiller so I put the boil kettle in ice water. So it takes awhile to chill
8:23 Add 0.5 lb (well probably a bit more than half the one pound jar) Honey
T = 76 F
OG = 1.050
adj OG = 1.052 This is a little higher than expected, but not far out of range.

8:31 Aerate thoroughly and pitch yeast, White Labs WLP029 German Koelsch Yeast

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