Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scottish Ale

Fermentation has started, yeah!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scottish Ale

Third time's the charm?

NOTE: Although I had no post, last year's effort never fermented. Don't know why. I might have pitched at a higher actual temperature than I thought.

Brewer's Best recipe again

This time, I created a starter yeast with the dry yeast that came with the kit and I've got a tube of WLP028, which I plan to use for the actual brew. But the starter is there for back-up in case I screw up the first pitch.

11:45 Pull the WLP028 from the fridge

For the starter I just boiled a couple cups of water with about a third of a cup of priming sugar, let it cool and added the dry yeast at about 80 F. I did that the night before and it seems to be fermenting nicely.

12:00 start heating water. I'm boiling a full 5 gallons at once.

12:40 Temperature 163 F, heat is off, start steeping grains.

13:00 Temperature 158 F, remove grains, turn heat back on.

13:20 Full boil, turn heat back a bit, add extract

13:30 Boil is back, add bittering hops

14:10 Add aroma hops

14:15 End boil

15:47 T = 80 F, SG = 1.038 - OG = 1.040 this is slightly high.

16:00 T = 80 F, Ambient T = 78 F, Pitch WLP028.

Now just wait for the fermentation to start. Here's hoping.