Saturday, December 31, 2011



Ok, today I try a Czech Pilsner.  The grain bill is

6 lb Pilsen light DME
1/4 lb American 2-row
1/8 lb Caramel/Crystal 80 L
5 oz Saaz hops
WLP800 yeast

First I'll bring about 1 gal of water to 200 F to steep the grains.

12:43 Water is at 200 F so I put in the grains for 30 min.

13:15  Remove grains from the water and wash with 1-1/2 pts of water at 165 F (heat in microwave for 3 minutes).  Add this to four gallons of water already being heater on the main heater.  Bring the volume up to 5-1/2 gallons and heat to boiling.

14:40 Boil starts, add 6 lb DME and bring back to boil

14:43 Boil starts again.  Add 1.25 oz Saaz.

14:58 Add 1.25 Saaz

15:13 Add 1.00 oz Saaz

15:28 Add 1.00 oz Saaz plus 1 tsp Irish moss, 2 tsp yeast energizer and 5 tsp yeast nutrient

15:43 Add 0.50 oz Saaz and end boil.  Start cooling the wort in a cold water bath.

T = 70 F
SG = 1.060
ASG = 1.061

This is a little high for the style, but we'll see.

pitch the yeast.


Fermentation is underway.  Looks good.


Check the gravity
T = 50 F
SG =1.022
ASG = 1.021

This is still a little higher than the expected final gravity, but I still want to leave it to longer fermentation and lagering.  So this is ok.


T = 50 F
SG = 1.022
ASG 1.021

Not much change.  Still I'll rack it to a secondary to leave for lagering for a month or more.


Check the gravity again.  I plan to leave it to lager for another two weeks, but let's see where it stands now.
T = 50 F
SG = 1.017
ASG = 1.016

This is within the range I'm expecting, good.  I'll keep lagering for two more weeks as I planned and bottle on 11-Feb.


Check the gravity and transfer to a tirtiary fermenter for a week.

T = 50 F
SG =1.016
ASG = 1.015

Rack to a tertiary fermenter for a few days to improve clarity a bit.


Bottling day.  Got 38 bottles.